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Bisgaard & Bentzon is the beverage division of the Danish company Everest Group.
Our own brands are SMAG! Energy Drink and FIRE Energy Drink. In addition we distribute FIJI water on the Danish market.

At Bisgaard & Bentzon we are focusing on one thing: to give the costumers the best energy drink with the best flavour! Common to our products is that they are characterised by being innovative in taste as well as design.

We are number one on the Danish market – wether it comes to quality or flavour. Bisgaard & Bentzon was the first company in Denmark to offer energy drinks in different flavours and we are constantly developing new flavours in collaboration with our costumers. We use our online community as a great inspiration when it comes to developing our products and we are in daily contact with between 60,000 and 100,000 consumers – this gives us a very good feeling of what the costumers need.

Bisgaard & Bentzon strives to be a first mover and think out-of-the-box about the energy drinks concept.


Our assortment contains a number of exclusive beverages like FIJI water, cold pressed juice, ginseng tea, coconut water, Ice coffee, energy drinks, and much more!

SMAG! Energy Drink


Bisgaard & Bentzon became aware of the need for flavoured energy drinks on the Danish market – there were no products that met the consumers’ need.

The idea was, and still is, that the consumers are a part of the brand – they are living it. This means that our consumers are a great part of developing the brand, the products and the marketing.

Today SMAG! Energy Drink comes in 12 different flavours, and more are coming – all developed with our consumers in focus.

Our Ice Tea line matches the SMAG! brand by being innovative. We have added energy to the different flavours of ice tea. This gives a great tasting ice tea with added energy.

SMAG! Energy Drink has from the beginning focused on online marketing – using Facebook, Instagram and Youtube and we are proud of being the biggest online community in social medias in Denmark. We are in daily contact with between 60,000 and 100,000 consumers online. Our primary target group is young people – this is reflected in both communication and price.

We want SMAG! to be the lifestyle product that young people can identify with  – not to forget afford.

SMAG! – 250 ml and 500 ml can:


Green Apple




Pink Grape



SMAG! Ice Tea – 500 ml:

Green Tea with Honey

Green Tea with Pomegranate

White Tea with Blueberry



Fire Energy Drink is a tasty and honest energy drink that gives you a boost of energy and a power kick. Fire is popular among our consumers as a party maker with great taste.
The energy drink comes in two different variants – with and without sugar.

Fire Energy:

250 ml slim can
500 ml jumbo can

250 ml slim can
250 ml 1/4 pallet display
500 ml jumbo can
500 ml 1/4 pallet display

Fire Alcoholic Energy
250 ml slim can

250 ml Alcoholic Energy Drink
250 ml 1/4 pallet display


fijiw_BBAn icon of beauty

Bisgaard&Bentzon is proud to distribute the popular and very exclusive water from Fiji Islands. The water is filled into bottles directly from the source and is 100% natural and untouched by humans until you drink it!

The packaging is beautiful and inviting – it does not get more exclusive.

FIJI Water:

1 liter PET bottle
500 ml PET bottle
330 ml PET bottle


Disney Party Drink


Disney Party Drink is a fun and festive champagne for kids. The bottles are decorated with the characters from the Disney movies and are perfect for a special day – both big and small kids will love it.

The soft drink comes in two different flavours: white grape/apple and strawberry/apple.



Star Wars Space Punch is a delicious carbonated soft drink containing vitamins and a perfect flavour. The soft drink comes in a 355 ml. can decorated with the different characters from the movies.

Collect your favourite characters from Star Wars and create your own unique collection or trade with your friends.



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